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About EnerGlobe

EnerGlobe Academy evolved from the need for a world-class Energy Academy in India. The founders- experienced industry leaders recognising that the rapidly changing Energy business landscape would require trained and well-groomed professionals, resolved to create a national-level Energy Academy in the country. Their vision led to the creation of an institution – EnerGlobe Academy, to train and groom the young talent and develop competent professionals with cutting- edge technical and managerial skills and competencies.

India is an integral part of the Asian economic upsurge as the epicentre of global economic growth moves towards Asia. Energy & Infrastructure sectors have been playing a pivotal role in Indian economic growth. One of the greatest challenges the industry faces is the shortage of trained professional manpower both at entry-level and within organisations. The gap between demand and supply of quality manpower is widening in the industry – EnerGlobe envisions to bridge this gap and act as a catalyst for Energy & Infrastructure industry growth.


About EnerGlobe

EnerGlobe Academy is an initiative of VCS Group, a leader in Project Management Consulting, Compliance Assessment, Quality Assurance and Quality Control with more than 20 years of experience, both in India and overseas. It is a renowned knowledge leader in Energy and Infrastructure sectors.